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“There is a price to be paid for freedom and
success. Self-denial and discipline are essential
prices to be paid for success."

Winning Habits: Learning from animals – ‘Dayo Adeola

'Dayo, Adeola


Dayo Adeola is a Christian serviceman, a prophetic teacher, author, lawyer, notary public and a serial entrepreneur. He is the founding partner of Adeola & Adeola’s Chambers and Group C.E.O of D.T Autocafe Limited, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos, Tycoon Acres Limited and Box City Sculptors Limited.

He is the Author of Cook, Eat & Live Right and Winning Habits.

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This is the personal memo of a diabetic survivor detailing his experience and knowledge of things that worked for him in the decades of having to overcome life threatening high blood pressure, diabetes, arrythmia, high Ldl Cholesterol, Low Hdl cholesterol and obesity.  

Enjoy the various recipes (with pictures) that has helped him to beat the various cocktails of prescription drugs on which he was placed and used for more than a decade. 

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The greatest hindrance to success is that peoples’ habits are often inconsistent with their desires and dreams.  

The extent to which you will go in life is a function of your habits. What we are in life is not an outcome of accidents or happenstance. We are all products of our habits of minds and habits of actions.

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